Angie Kenber | Beyond the Land - a collection of paintings by Angie Kenber
Angie Kenber is a Bristol-based artist working in bold, expressive colour. She creates paintings on canvas and wood, and draws inspiration from the search for light and colour in unexpected places.
painting, trees, bright, abstract art, calm, contemporary, BRISTOL ART, glass, art, green, landscape, modern, Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, Expressionism
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Beyond the Land


I perch on the front edge of the raised day-bed.

A melting mauvy rippled sea like gravy just beginning to cast a skin – lukewarm – the summer seeping away.   Skies like a beginner’s watercolour: tentative grey washes, cool and watery, with blinks of sunshine.

The sea right in – a manufactured deeper turquoise – seen through perspex at the window’s ledge.

a space to bring myself into
a blank canvas
a spiritual place

I seek inspiration from the edges of the land; where the sun disappears behind the land, and the world reaches up to touch the sky.