Angie Kenber | Biography
Angie Kenber is a Bristol-based artist working in bold, expressive colour. She creates paintings on canvas and wood, and draws inspiration from the search for light and colour in unexpected places.
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I began by drawing and making sculpture from life during my teens and twenties, culminating in gaining a BA (hons.) degree in Fine Art at UWE, Bristol as a mature student – over seven years with 3 small children!

Since 2000 I have exhibited in galleries in London, Cornwall and the Cotswolds, as well as several times at the RWA ‘New Gallery’.  I was represented by Innocent Fine Art until its closure, and now exhibit with Flux Gallery in Park Street, Bristol, the RWA shop and Iroka Design outside St. Ives.

I create striking abstract paintings in bold colour.

I have a particular palette of colours which literally make me feel good! I play with combinations of them in terms of hue, shape, texture and composition.  My work is inspired by my life experiences.

‘Angie’s abstract paintings have been described as ‘inspiring’, ‘uplifting’, and ‘joyful’.

Her palette is vibrant and unique: acid yellows and lime greens, turquoise and jade working with passionate reds and oranges.’

She uses her colour palette to create bold and expressive paintings that capture her excitement and joy in life, grounded in a contemplative spirituality.

Angie’s work is an honest and open exploration of what it means to feel alive’.