Angie Kenber | A chance encounter with YELLOW
Angie Kenber is a Bristol-based artist working in bold, expressive colour. She creates paintings on canvas and wood, and draws inspiration from the search for light and colour in unexpected places.
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A chance encounter with YELLOW

A chance encounter with YELLOW

A chance encounter with YELLOW

Anyone who knows me and my work knows that yellow is definitely not my favourite colour – or indeed a colour I have even given house room to before. However, when I looked bleary- eyed into the mirror one morning in late November, I had to confront a yellow face, yellow eyes, indeed a yellow ‘tan’ all over.  This was a relationship thrust upon me and I had to find a way to come to terms with it.

Slip a little to the green side – and acid yellow, lime green are my absolute favourites, and indeed my paintings (and wardrobes!) are bursting with them – but cool lemony yellow and warm egg yolk yellow are rare guests in my paintings, and even rarer in my home.

So yellow on a skin that really doesn’t suit yellow is pretty tricky.  Wear my usual lime or sludgy green and the clash jars painfully, wear purple and its complementary nature made me look even yellower than ever!
So I made an even closer relationship with turquoise.  Calm, cool, bright and cheerful.

‘Painting’ – only this time I was using skin and clothing instead of canvas.  When the colours work that well together – it is cause for joy and celebration.  And I did – all Christmas long – with non-alcoholic wine!!

(Just to reassure you – I’m nearly back to my normal colour again – and healthy :))


January 2017