Artist Tables


Sometime during last year’s hot summer, surrounded by images on my studio walls on canvas, I looked around for something solid and preferably wooden to paint on.  I found an old dutch stool in a garage in Totnes – perfect for a unique wedding present for my niece and nephew, and then tucked away in a reclamation yard in East Devon, two ‘nesting tables’.
These pieces of furniture became special objects for me – something tactile to cherish, restore and create new life for.


 LACE 2016

The wedding stool design is inspired by
the lace fabric of my niece’s wedding dress.


The design of this side table is reminiscent of sweet shops when I was was little – boiled coloured sweets in large glass jars.




DAY & NIGHT 2016     SOLD


This slightly larger side table has an ethereal design made out of collaged screenprint and textured paint.










As I write this, I am in the process of varnishing the art work on this table so that it is protected for everyday use.

This  table is inspired by both the warmth of the people and of the colours of Rajasthan last Spring.


My artist tables are designed to be enjoyed visually and practically.



INDIA 2017